Welcome to thargy.com

An Industrial Placement briefing meeting at Web Applications UK Limited.

Craig Dean is the Chief Executive of Web Applications UK Ltd and the Oldham President of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. More importantly, Craig is also a developer mostly working in C# .Net, but with experience in most languages.

Craig runs a successful IT development company selling bespoke software to the Travel Industry. His interests include teaching, .NET, the BCL, asynchronous programming and core technologies with a focus on high-performance systems.  Occasionally the burdens of work mean that blogs can come in spurts, but when they do arrive you’ll see them here first.

Increasingly, I’m releasing more code on GitHub, and we have now Open Sourced our Core Libraries, which represents many years of C# development experience for enterprise systems.

This site covers a range of topics from programming to management and will hopefully prove a useful resource for those wishing to delve deeper into coding and the IT industry in general. If you find something interesting, or you disagree with something, leave a comment – it lets me know you care!