Hi everyone and welcome to the new thargy.com (and unclecraig.com).

My old website was left untouched for 7 years and times have changed – as have I. For a start I’m posting this on my iPhone, which wasn’t even around when I stopped editing this site in earnest (around 2004).

Most importantly I really want to start giving back to the community by open sourcing some of the exciting things we’ve been working on. And I have a head full of blogs I really need to write, so after much soul searching I’ve removed the old site (after backing it up first) and brought up this WordPress site. After all, I want to focus on blogging not building a website.

Well I’ll keep this short. I hope to convert my old newsletters into posts on hear, for nostalgia, and then maybe I’ll get round to that blog I’ve been meaning to write.

Thanks for visiting and leave a comment 😉


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