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Well it’s been a while since my last post, frankly I’ve been heads down in a code rush (maybe I’ll let you in on it a little later), so I figured for my first post back I best make it a big one.  Following, from the success of my guest lecture at Manchester, I was invited to speak to the students at Salford University.  Whenever I manage to trap someone within ear shot I can’t help but bombard them with my views on education, let’s just say it’s something I’m genuinely passionate about, so the theme was similar to my last one.  Hopefully though, it was more focussed, as instead of trying to cover too much I zoomed in on talking about a career in IT.

It’s in my nature to stimulate debate, and I’m a sucker for throwing in the odd controversial comment to garner a reaction, but my motivation is an honest one.  I genuinely believe the best course of action for a graduate developer is to find a job where they are inspired by their peers to become the best they can be.  In my experience, that doesn’t come from being the ‘hero developer’ in a one man team, there’s a place for such people, but it’s not working for me.  The real greats stand on the shoulders of giants.

Anyway, it was literally standing room only at Salford and the nearly ninety strong cohort of students (from all years) seemed genuinely interested as it took me a good half an hour to get away after I’d finished.  I’ve included the video below for everyone who missed it, hopefully it will encourage more graduates to seek out careers working with people who will inspire them.

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