About Me

Craig DeanHi,

My name’s Craig Dean, and I’m the Chief Executive of Web Applications UK Ltd which employees 80+ staff working in the travel industry providing cutting edge reservation systems to some of the world’s biggest travel companies.

More importantly, though I’m a .NET developer (MCPD and MCT) and love getting my hands dirty writing code and I love teaching. Hopefully, some of that passion comes across in my blogs.  If you’ve found me after hearing one of my many guest lectures at the local universities, then leave me a comment and let me – it’s always gratefully received.  Hopefully, you’ll find something in these pages that piques your interest and spurs you on to discover even more in the wonderful universe of software development.

For a long time, this site was the home for unclecraig.com (and still is). The name is a bit unusual but comes from my time as a chaperone with the African Children’s Choir.

Combined Microsoft Certification (MCTS, MCPD, MCP, MCT)